Title: Robo Soccer

Description: This competition encourages the robotics skills of students with an interest in soccer. Participants are required to build and fabricate a robot to play soccer in an arena designed for that. Design specification : 1. Robot should be self fabricated, kit robots are not allowed. 2. Robot may have legs, wheels, tracks or a combination of any of these. 3. Robot should only be big enough to be contained in 300x300x300 mm cubical box. 4. Robot should be wired, wireless robot are prohibited. 5. A 220-240 volts 50 hertz AC supply power source will be provided. 6. Robot may have clamps for the purpose of manoeuvring the ball and guiding it to the goal. 7. For the sake of safety there should not be any sharp edges in the robot. 8. Electromagnets are prohibited.

Rules: 1. The robot should be able to roll the ball to the goal post. 2. Lifting the ball is prohibited. 3. A team of not more than 4 members are allowed to participate in the event. 4. The diameter of the ball would be 40 mm. 5. The size of the arena would be 5 x 3 meters. 6. For a given number of teams, every team will have a chance to dodge the ball against every other team and also every team will have a chance to kick a goal against every other team. Certificate Policy & Judgement : 1. For every goal, 20 points will be added to the team doing the goal. 2. Smashing or hitting other team’s robot will cause deduction of 10 points. (Note: Touching the opponent robot is not considered as hitting or smashing) 3. Any damage caused to the opponent’s robot will cause the disqualification of the team. 4. If the ball comes out of the arena, 10 points will be deducted. 5. If the robot or any part of the robot comes out of the arena, 10 points will be deducted. 6. The final evaluation and judging would be done by the team of organisers of this event CONATCT: Tushar Tyagi 9911230865 tushartyagi5085@gmail.com

Location: Basketball Court

Date time: 12:00 -

Day 1

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