Title: Death Race

Description: Have you ever felt the desire to drive away all the cars on the road and emerge in the front? If you have, this competition provides you the best opportunity to emerge victorious by thrashing away all your opponents. A brief description of the kind of obstacles in the race: As the name of the competition suggests, the ride would not be easy and to make it even more treacherous we would include the below mentioned obstacles. So, the participants are required to build machines accordingly so that they can pass maximum obstacles. The track would include following: 1. Suction pumps and blower pumps 2. Rotating planks 3. Irregular terrain 4. Nails 5. Water falls 6. Voids(You have to take a jump to cross it) 7. Parabolic Inclines The above mentioned obstacles are just a guideline. More obstacles can also be added to the tracks. Important Points for the Participants:- 1. For better performance in the race suspension system can be used. 2. The teams are required to have at least four frequency wireless remote control circuit or dual control circuits to avoid frequency interference with other teams in case of wireless control remote. 3. Depending upon number of participants, two or more teams may be run together. 4. High Torque Motors recommended with sufficient R.P.M.

Rules: Robot Specifications:- 1. The machine should fit in a cube of dimension 300mm. (If a team having a machine with the dimensions not equal to that specified or having an error above 50mm (for each length, breadth and height) would be disqualified.) 2. The machine can be controlled by wireless/wired remote control mechanism throughout the race. 3. The power supply should be on board. 4. The electric voltage between any two points in the machine should not exceed 30V at any time in the race. (If the voltage exceeds 30V then machine would be disqualified) Team Specifications : A team may consist of maximum 4 participants and the participants may be from different institutes. Certificate Policy : 1. Certificate of Excellence will be awarded to all winners. 2. Certificates of Participation will be given to all the teams that will participate in the event, but not to the teams which gets disqualified due to disobeying any of the competition rules. 3. Also, there are exciting cash prizes for winners. 4. The way participants proceed for the next round will be decided on the spot by the organisers as the event progresses. CONTACT: Devansh Sharma 9899091621 devanshksharma@gmail.com

Location: Garden Area

Date time: 10:30

Day 2

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