Title: Web Designing

Description: Web Designing is an onsite technical event. It requires the participants to develop a full-fledged website. It is a team event and has multiple rounds. Students have to use their knowledge of HTML and CSS to design a website. Each team consists of maximum two members. The Event is divided into 2 rounds. ROUND 1(prelims): MCQ round to determine the rankings of individuals. Total number of questions: 30 Time allotted:15 minutes MAX. The Top 20 percentile will qualify for the second round. ROUND 2(website designing): Round 1 qualified teams will develop a website on topic given at the spot. Winner will be judged on the basis of: a.Time taken to complete the code. b.Complexity of the code c.Ease in analysis of code. Time allotted: 90 MINUTES. In case if teams are unable to complete the code. The judge will look for the code closest to completion after which the winner will be decided. PRIZES: First Prize: Rs 1000/- Registration fees: 50/- per team.

Rules: • Maximum 2 members per team. • Participants need to design a 5+ pages website based on the competition topic. • Students have to design a web-site on any one of the specified topics and present it to the judges. Decision of the judges will be final. • First page must be your Homepage (Containing LOGO/picture depicting the topic and the website name). • Three pages must be dedicated to your discussion suitable for the website. • Use of USB drive is strictly prohibited. PERMITTED TOOLS: • Application software (FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Photoshop) • Programming Language (Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), CSS and Java Script) CONTACT: Ekansh: +919268326888 Rajat: +919910570119

Location: Computer Lab

Date time: 1:00 -

Day 3

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