Title: Tech and Creative Writing

Description: Students will have to show their writing skills and only the best will win!

Rules: Creative Writing Competition: • Entries must be written in English. • Only one entry per person. • All work must be original and unaided • The word count per entry is 750-1000 words, please aim to keep within this. • Topic will be given on the spot. Technical Writing Competition: • The maximum time for debate is 5 minutes. The first bell will be given after completion of 4 minutes and the final bell after completing 5 minutes. • 2 minutes are allowed for interjection. Maximum of two interjections will be allowed. • The debate will be either in Hindi or English. Inter Mixing is not allowed. • The contestants are strictly advised not to disclose the name of their College/Institution to the Jury members/audience at any point of time. • The decision of Judges will be final and binding. • This debate is an individual event • In case participants exceed the time limit, Judges will be free to disqualify the contestant. CONTACT: Asbah Masih (9958755810, asbah12367@gmail.com) Deeksha Sharma (8800370117, deekshas216@gmail.com)

Location: Room 305

Date time: 11:00 -

Day 3

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