Title: Junkyard

Description: In this event, every team has to make a simple mechanism or machine by using junk. The machine or mechanism should be in working condition. The organisers will provide limited amount of junk to every team. The organisers will also provide some tools to all teams that are required during the event (only HAND TOOLS will be provided).

Rules: 1.The interested teams can register themselves on website/upto. 2.The team can also register themselves at G.B. PANT. GOVT. ENGG. COLLEGE before the event. 3. Minimum 3 members and maximum 5 members per team is permissible. 4. The teams having less than 3 members will be disqualified from the event. 5. The theme of event is provided by the organisers at the time of event. 6. Every team is responsible for the tools that are allotted by the organisers to the participating team. 7. Use of mobile phone is allowed. 8. The result of the event is decided on the basis of marks that are decided by the jury members or the judges. 9. Participation certificate will provided to every participant. 10.The allotted time for the event is 1:00 hr. 11.The mechanism will be judged on the basis of innovativity, working/non working, quantity and quality of junk used by the team. Certificate Policy : 1. Certificate of Excellence will be awarded to all winners. 2. Certificates of Participation will be given to all the teams that will participate in the event, but not to the teams which gets disqualified due to disobeying any of the competition rules. Also, there are exciting cash prizes for winners.

Location: Workshop

Date time: 2:30 -

Day 2

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