Title: LAN Gaming

Description: For all those gamers out there, who are looking for an opportunity to show off their unusual talent, Inceptum 2k17 LAN Gaming is here. We are presenting you some of the most popular and best games. 1. Counter-Strike 1.6 is the oldest, and most popular - consequently the bar for this game is set very high - the moment you blink, you are gone. 2. Then there's FIFA for football freaks. Can't play it on the field? So what! Experience it virtually and feel the same pressure that players experience on the field. 3. For those who love to ride monsters and rule the roads, this event gives you the golden opportunity , play NFSMW and prove you are the king here ENTRY FEES (per participant) -> Rs. 30 Individual Registration for FIFA & NFSMW and Team Registration for CS1.6

Rules: 1. Team for CS1.6 should contain 5 members. Incomplete team will not be allowed to play. 2. Participants can bring their own joysticks for only FIFA. 3. Maps for CS1.6 and NFSMW will be decided at the event itself. 4. Participants can bring their own headphones and mice for the event. 5. Participants will be held accountable for any damage done by them at the event. 6. Do not attempt to steal items from the event or anyone else. Legal consequences will be there. 7. Cheating and use of abusive language will not be tolerated. 8. Do not bring any type of hacks/viruses/etc. to the event. 9. Listen to the event coordinators. 10. We reserve the right to remove anyone from premises for any reason we fit. The rules provided are applicable to anyone participating in the event. These rules can be changed and participants will be notified regarding the same at the event. Coordinators: ASWIN SREERAJ : 9643970775 SUPREET SINGH: 9716801351

Location: Computer Lab

Date time: 11:30

Day 2

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