Title: Dumb Charades

Description: This event needs no special description! Loved by all! Rounds : 1 - Pictionary Round 2 - Clever Charades 3 - Who am I ? 4 - Recognise The Movie

Rules: 1) Every team should have four members. 2) For each round, every team will get 1 minute. 3) Every round will have two sub rounds i.e. each team will play each round twice. 4) The team with highest guesses will win. 5) In the case of a tie, the team having less overall time will win the game. 6) In the case of cheating (either verbal or in any form) will be diqualified (no excuses please!). 7) The decision of the coordinator will be final without any further discussion. 8) After closing of registrations, no further team will be included in the game. CONTACT: Himanshu Tripathi 9968216539 ht.gbpec.2015@gmail.com

Location: TNP Hall

Date time: 11:00 -

Day 2

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