Title: Mr & Ms Inceptum

Description: Do you want to be the Mr or Ms Popular?

Rules: 1. There will three rounds for the selection of winners : A) INTRODUCTION ROUND: You have to present yourself in a more creative and engaging way so that the audience and even the judges feel the connect with you. B) THE TALENT ROUND: You have to show the genre in which you excel or are good at. C) Q&A ROUND: You have to impress the judges and the audience with your spontaneity. 2.) Elimination after individual rounds will be completely according to the judges and their decision will be unquestionable. 3) Always expect the unexpected because everything is fair in love and war and my friend it's not gonna be anything less than a war when people with different talents clash.

Location: Main Stage

Date time: 3:00 -

Day 1

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