Title: Solo Dance

Description: The solo dance competition to show your dancing skills!

Rules: 1. The participant can choose any dance form. 2. The time limit for each participant will be 2-2.30 minutes. 3. Props are allowed. The participant is required to bring their own props. 4. No kinds of video projections will be available for the participants. 5. The song and the dance form chosen has to be informed at the time of registration. No changes will be made further. 6. The participants shall bring the songs in their pen drives and also carry them in their mobile phones to avoid any kind of unwanted problems on the day of event. 7. There will only be one round and three participants with the highest score will be chosen. 8. The prizes will be distributed as: •second runner up- •first runner up- •winner- CONTACT: Anubhav Gangwar (7531936294) Deepanshu Tyagi (8700873627)

Location: Main Stage

Date time: 1:30 - 3:00

Day 1

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